Cyclades are located in the South Aegean sea and consist of a group of islands.
These islands lie in a circle with at the center has Delos, the birth place of Apollo and Artemis, famous Greek gods.

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Cyclades comprises of 220 large and smaller islands, Naxos island being the largest while Syros is considered the main island.
The Cyclades are, except for their beautiful beaches, mainly known for their art. Small white marble, modern looking statues without a face but with a characteristic nose were initially placed in tombs as ‘gods’.
These days they are mass-produced and are one of the most sold souvenirs on the islands.


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According to Greek mythology, the nymphs of the Cyclades initiated on themselves the wrath of Poseidon – Greek God of the sea.
Because of that he furiously turned them into the islands.

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