About us

Due to our years of experience in chartering sailing and motor yachts worldwide, personal assistance is on demand.
We guarantee a carefree sailing holiday as a specialist in this field with many excellent local contacts.

The best choice for a carefree holiday

Anuras Charter Agency, a family-owned company situated in Belgium, is truly the best choice for your next yacht charter vacation worldwide. If you want to have a completely personal touch in this digital world, before, during and after your sailing holiday, Anuras is the way to go.


Anuras - the luxury agency you will love

The main reason you will definitely return to this agency, time and time again, is the charismatic owner and founder, Patricia Van Steen.
Patricia has over 20 years of experience in the nautical sector and has been the captain of Anuras for a long time now.
With Patricia at the helm, you are sure to be getting the best service. As well as the best luxury yacht she can find for you.
Depending on your preferences, she will provide you with all the options you will love.
And did we mention -while doing it all with a smile.

The founder of Anuras is well known and respected in the yachting circles. Because of her cheerful personality, she has a friendly relationship with every single company she works with.

It's all about details

By choosing Anuras Charter Agency you are guaranteed that every detail is looked after.
Patricia and her team will make sure you are in the most capable hands.
This is why guests are coming back each year. Every guest knows that they will get outstanding service with a warm approach.
With Anuras and Patricia you will gain the 4 pillars everybody needs in their life:

  • a lifelong friend,
  • a passion for making your dreams come true
  • the joy of exploring new destinations
  • while having the time of your life.
We are waiting to make Your dream holiday come true!

Happy to be your travel concierge!

Every guest is unique and your holiday should be as well.
That’s why my aim is to help to have a holiday of a lifetime. This holiday needs to be full of memories you will cherish for life.

So don’t hesitate to contact me.

Patricia van Steen, CEO
Passionate about the charter world!


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