Among the most fascinating and unforgettable travel experiences in the world, sailing a charter yacht in Greece must be at the top of anyone’s dream list.

Among the most fascinating and unforgettable travel experiences in the world, sailing a charter yacht in Greece must be at the top of anyone’s dream list. These enchanting seas filled with legends and myths are the perfect destination for people who love to sail and boat holidays in Greece are definitely a dream come true for many.

This is definitely one of the best places to practice or enjoy sailing at its most spectacular, offering a plethora of advantages and benefits. Sailing Greece is an extremely enchanting experience, with a nice climate that includes gentle morning breeze and strong afternoon winds, but also countless amazing places to practice navigation skills. There are a lot of Greek Island sailing itineraries to choose from, with countless islands and passages to explore. People passionate about sailing also come to charter a yacht in Greece, choosing to explore the islands in the most pleasant and unforgettable way.

There is an overwhelming amount of places to see and things to do while sailing the seas of Greece, with one of the most inspiring and fascinating cultures in the world, stunning landscapes and delicious cuisine. The picturesque beaches and bays of the Greek islands are the perfect destination for bareboat sailing holidays.

Practically, anyone who is renting a boat for explorations can find a deserted and secluded lagoon in Greece to moor and enjoy a few days of pure bliss. The Greek coast and islands offer spectacular sights and attractions, from those traditional fishing villages with white-washed houses to the ancient temples perched atop sea cliffs. Chartered sailboat vacations are the perfect way to enjoy the legendary hospitality of the Greek people, who welcome every sailor and traveler as part of their family. On top of all of these, the healthy and delicious Greek cuisine can be sampled even in the smallest family tavern found in remote little ports.

Greece is for many the ultimate travel destination and boat holidays in Greece are one of its most popular experiences. With countless islands to explore, anyone can find secret coves and bays to take a skippered charter and spend a few days. Considering the calm and clear waters of the Greek Islands, adventurers can also enjoy countless other activities while sailing Greece, including diving, fishing, snorkeling, windsurfing and so on. While many consider sailing a yacht in the

Greek Islands something luxurious that only the richest can ever enjoy, the truth is that there are also moderately priced options for all types of travelers. Renting a yacht charter from Athens with a group of friends for a week or two can actually be the same price as a regular holiday in one of the popular summer destinations of Europe. Many of these journeys also include the freedom of choosing the itinerary and the pleasure of discovering lesser known places of immense beauty or significance.

It is actually very easy to find catamaran sailing charters or sailing boat rental in Greece , especially in the major city-ports like Athens. Those who do not have experience sailing a boat or wish to learn more about this magnificent experience, can choose skippered sailing holidays, where everything is organized and overviewed by professional and experienced staff.

When thinking about planning a yacht charters holiday, Greece should definitely be one of the top destinations to look into. This is especially true given its ancient sailing traditions and stunning marine environment, as well as decent prices. While there are many places to enjoy sailing in Greece, they can generally be divided into 5 main sailing areas, each one with its own features and unique set of fascinating things to see and do.


Saronic Gulf

This superb area of the Aegean Sea is located between the peninsulas of Attica and Argolis, offering amazing sailing opportunities along the coast, but also several interesting islands. The winds are usually quite predictable inside this gulf and allow for anyone to learn sailing during boat holidays in Greece. The Saronic Gulf can be best explored with yacht charter from Athens, as the capital is located inside the Attica Peninsula and is a great starting point for any sailing adventure in the Aegean. It is also a great destination for a day visit while bareboat sailing the gulf, offering a wealth of cultural sights. The birthplace of democracy has been inhabited from around 5000 BC and is one of the cultural capitals of the world. Apart from the Acropolis and the Pantheon, Athens also features the fascinating National Archaeological Museum, the Ancient Agora, the National Gallery and many other amazing landmarks. The coast and islands of the Saronic Gulf also have other treasures to be discovered, like the idyllic beaches of Poros, the cultural heritage of Hydra, the nature and traditional villages of Aegina and many others.

Ionian Sea

The stunning islands of the Ionian Sea are considered among the most beautiful in world, from the green heaven of Corfu to the marvelous beaches of Zakynthos. Renting a yacht in the Greek Islands off the western coast of the country is one of the most rewarding experiences available. Named after the beautiful nymph Io, the enchanting Ionian Sea makes for a unique sailing boat rental Greece destination, with its marvelous turquoise seas, perfect beaches, fascinating towns and authentic villages. The seven main Greek islands of the Ionian Sea include Corfu, Paxos, Lefkada, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakynthos and Kythira. Each of them perfectly combines superb landscapes with authentic culture, being a perfect sailing destination, with calm and fairly protected conditions. Moreover, the islands offer excellent bays and harbors to spend a few unforgettable experiences. From the magical Corfu Town with its castles and cultural heritage to the fabulous and famous Navagio Beach in Zakynthos, from the legendary Ithaca, home of Odysseus to the more surprising Lefkada sailing opportunities, the Ionian Sea holds many treasures for those who wish to rent a boat in Greece and explore it.


Located in the South Aegean Sea, the islands that make up the Cyclades are among the most fascinating and enticing sailing destinations in the world. Legends say that the Cyclades were nymphs that angered Poseidon, the God of the Sea, and he turned them into the islands we see today. Some of the most beautiful beaches and stunning towns can be found in this area, making it excellent for those travelers who wish to rent a yacht to the Greek islands or to try catamaran sailing charters. There are countless things to see and do around these amazing islands, including discovering the heritage of Delos where the gods Apollo and Artemis were born or enjoying the famous nightlife of Mykonos. Travelers can experience a skippered charter to the island of Santorini for example, getting to visit one of the most unique and picturesque places on Earth, with its famous white villages spread on the ridge of a volcanic crater. The historical heritage and cultural traditions of islands like Milos, Naxos, Paros and several more are all the more reasons to rent sailing boat in Greece and explore them.


The islands located in the northwest of the Aegean Sea are fairly spread apart from one another, thus their name of Sporades. East of Pelion and north of Evia, these waters are excellent destinations for sailing boat rental in Greece, with soft winds and plenty of anchorage points of immense beauty. Catamaran sailing charters are an excellent way to explore the Sporades and their sights, with plenty of things to see and do on the nearby coast. The spectacular peninsulas of Chalkidiki feature superb beaches, wooded mountains and the famous monasteries of Mount Athos. To the south, the islands of Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, Skiros and several others offer marvelous beaches, beautiful towns and traditional villages, but also secluded bays to experience solitude while bareboat sailing around these islands. What could be more unforgettable than arriving by a skippered charter yacht on the idyllic island of Skiathos just like in the Mamma Mia movie from a few years ago?


Literally meaning 12 islands, the group of the Dodecanese is located in the southeastern part of the Aegean Sea, off the coast of southwestern Turkey. These islands are filled with ancient historical landmarks and breathtaking natural beauty, making them the ultimate destination to rent a boat in Greece and explore them. The area from Samos to Rhodes also belongs to the Southern Sporades islands, mainly consisting of dramatic mountainous landscapes, except for some places like Kos and Rhodes. Taking yacht to the Greek Islands of the Dodecanese is definitely among the most unforgettable experiences of a lifetime, a destination that has captured the imagination of travelers and sailors for millennia. Rhodes is probably the most famous island, with its medieval heritage, superb beaches, monasteries and other treasures, while Kos is following suite with its stunning beaches, nightlife and historical landmarks. Other places worth exploring while sailing Greece and the Dodecanese area include the secluded and beautiful Karpathos, the spiritual Patmos, Leros, Kalymnos, Astypalea and more.

Sailing in Greece is a treat!

If you’re interesting in booking a sailing vacation in Greece, contact Anuras. We can help you decide on the best destination and route and work with you to find the right boat and duration for your yacht holiday.

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